Referencing remote components for calculating attribute dimensions

I have pretty basic question about Dynamic Components.

I am trying to build a library of cabinets for my cabinet shop.
I have been able to successfully make a faceframe component with three openings, each of which are controlled in width & height by Component Options.

Is it possible to build a cabinet door as a stand-alone component and have the XYZ calculations derived from the Faceframe Component.

Or do these need to be part of one big happy component?

As you already suggested, it needs to be ‘one happy family’ . But members of a family can adopt ‘general settings’ by making use of little swatches with information on them: Draw some geometry, make it a component, name it GENERAL_SETTINGS (or: GS_) and apply attributes to it with general settings for a project (countertop height, skirting height, kickback etc) If you let the attributes of your components refer to GS_!CountertopHeight etc and drag (copy paste) the swatch component in it, the components ‘adopts’ all these general settings…
The swatch component can be as small as 1x1mm, for instance and can be hidden.

Thanks Mike. That’s encouraging.

Not sure what you mean by “drag the swatch components in it”.
Are you saying there is a way to one component to “adopt” all the attributes of another component?

By Dragging I meant in Outliner:

Here is the File :
DC_Cabinets.skp (124.1 KB)

Thanks Mike for posting the example file.

It probably would have taken me a million years to consider creating one dedicated master component that contained all the referenced attributes. This has made me realize how useful it would be to map out all the relationships before creating my first (actually second) component.

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