Dynamic drawer box that refers outside model

Hi there

I’ve been exploring the wondrous world of the dynamic components and already suffered many frustrations :smiley: .

Now the thing is: I’m looking for a way to make cabinet design (even more) easy.
I want to create dynamic shelves that adjust automatically to the cabinet they are placed in.
So i make a dynamic cabinet, and use a separate dynamic shelve, paste it in the cabinet and poof! The shelve resizes so it fits the cabinet.
I want different shelves for fixed and adjustable shelves (they need margin).

Next thing is, but the idea is the same, that i want to do the same with drawer boxes. This takes too much time to resize, so i want it to be automatically.

Is this even possible? I don’t see how i can create a component that refers to another component, that’s not yet in the drawing.

I think i saw someone do it on Youtube, but i can’t find the video anymore.

Well if anybody can help, thanks alot!
Pieter Delrue

In the child components, you can refer to it’s (yet to be) parent’s attribute values by preceding the attribute name with parent!, as in:


The parent component’s attributes can refer to a child’s attributes by name. So you’d need to come up with some naming convention.

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Okay thank you very much, I’m gonna try some stuff!