Referenced component not updated when referenced from another document

I’ve created a few components in separate SKP files within SketchUp Web. I’ve added them to another SKP (via Menu > Insert) to assemble them into the final part. Now, when I make a change in to a component in the source SKP or in the assembly SKP, the changes to not propagate to the other SKP.

For example, add component1.skp to assembly, then edit component1 instance within assembly – component1.skp does not show the changes when I open it. (And the inverse is true as well.)

Is this just not supported on web?

Not only is it not supported in the web version, it isn’t supported in the desktop version either. You would have to replace or reload the existing component in the model with the modified one. It isn’t automatically done.

Thanks. I thought I remembered it working that way when the desktop app used to be free, but I assume I am just remembering it wrong!

The component in the model has no direct tie to any other copies or the component elsewhere on your computer. If it did, it would be very difficult to avoid screwing up components you might use in more than one model. So you would need to make a manual replacement.

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