Inserting a recently edited drawing as a component doesn't show recent updates

The SketchUp web application still cannot reload a component. (Please correct me if I’m wrong about that one.) So I constantly have to open the drawing that contains the component so that I can edit it. Then when I return to my drawing which contains that previous drawing inserted as a component, I have to delete any number of instances of that component and then reinsert the edited component, however, I never seem to get the component with the edits. It’s just the previous rendition of the component. No, syncing doesn’t help. Often I download the component drawing and then insert it from my computer as opposed to Trimble Connect, but then I often get a corrupted instance of the component.

I’m very impressed by the SaaS effort here. It’s nice that I can use this on my Linux boxes or even an old laptop whose video card couldn’t handle SketchMake 2017, but these bugs revolving inserting and reloading components just make the app unusable for me.

Agree with this! Some normal Component operations are missing or clunky at best.

  1. There is no right-click Save As… command that we are used to for saving to a local component file.

    • It is unclear if using the menu’s Save As… command whilst a component instance is the only entity selected will result in a local file of only the component.
      (EDIT: Tested and the whole file is saved not just the component.)
  2. We’d expect or hope for a cloud-based Components collection to be implemented, …
    at least for the Shop edition.

  3. A right-click of the definition in the “In Model” components collection, (or a right-click of an singly selected instance in the model,) should expose the "Reload… " command as in the desktop editions.

Components can be edited directly within a “mother” model where instances have been placed.

Simply double-click one of the instances (or right-click on an instance and choose “Edit Component” from the context-menu.)

If you desire that all other alike instances, and / or the model itself be hidden whilst in component edit mode, then open the Display inspector panel (:eyeglasses: icon) and set the two checkboxes in the “Component Edit” section appropriately.

To exit edit mode, click outside the dotted box or hit the ESC key.

You need to purge the old component definition from the “In Model” components collection, between steps (1) and (2), … or otherwise make sure that the old component definition is not the one that you are subsequently placing new instances of. If it is purged from the model, you could not then place instances of it.

If you do not, SketchUp normally creates a new definition with a “differenced” name like "Nifty Object#2" where "Nifty Object" was the old definition name.

I totally agree with the idea that a right-click of an instance in the model, or a right-click of the defintion in the “In Model” components collection, should expose the "Reload… " command as in the desktop editions.