Reloading Components

Does SketchUp Shop support component reloading? The feature that I miss the most is being able to insert a drawing into another drawing as a component and then being able to reload that first drawing in the second drawing after I have edited that first drawing. That doesn’t seem to be available in SketchUp free and before I try Shop, I thought I would ask.

There is not an official roadmap, but this should definitively be implemented, I guess
@Mark ?

Have you actually used Shop? You sound more like a pro user.

Yes I have! And I have used the reload function a lot in the desktop version, so I now how it works That is why I support the request.
The guessing part is more my way not to lay pressure on @Mark :thinking:

Just trying to find out if it has the feature before I spend the money. I have been using the free online version, and I’m even willing to pay for a version that has it, but I use SketchUp as an amateur so I can’t pay too much :slight_smile:

Well, it is not yet there:

(If you have a Subscription, you have access to the Premium webbased modeler, Shop, as well)

The changelog in the About section (If you click on the hamburger menu top-left) will give an overview of the added features and fixes. Last month, Components and Solid inspector were improved, who knows what is up this month?

I have not used the free desktop app ‘Make’ a lot but I think you will have that option there.
My boss won’t let me post a link to it, but if you van scroll…

I am very interested in being able to create components, then reload then in another file if they change on the primary file.
If this was available in Shop, I would subscribe right away.
Without reloadable components, there is a limit to what I can design, and the complexity that I can accomodate.

Any word?

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Copy and paste while in the same web tab does work. You could create a model that is only used for storing some components, then go and copy any you need for the new model, and paste them in.

You also could download SKP files of the components you might frequently need, and then insert them straight from your desktop into the web model.

Those things are possible with the Free version too. The reason to have Shop is if you need any of the extra features, or if you are using SketchUp for paid work.

The reload is an absolute ‘must have’ for me, too. Inserting isn’t the issue and the workarounds are possibly good for one or two instances, but what if you have more than 3? Or don’t know where they are elsewhere on the model?

I also noticed a strange thing when fiddling in the component panel, if you click on a component in the ‘In Model’ collection while in the context of a group, it displays at the origin of that group.
Steps to reproduce:
Create new model.
Don’t erase Helen, create a cube, make that a component and than create a group of the two.
Create another component (cilinder?) and erase it.

Open the ‘In Model’ collection of the component panel and edit the created Group of the first.

Now let the mouse in the panel area and click on the different components.

They show up at the origin of the group (!)

Moving the mouse in the work area will let that disappear and the component is attached to the cursor, as intended.

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Thanks, Mike.

I totally agree. It is not the inclusion of a component from another drawing that is important, it is the ability to reload the component if the primary component file changes. This way I can have proper version control for a complex object. Otherwise, I am chasing my tail fitting everything then changing files to reflect the changes… waste of time.


Hi everybody,
Some news about Reloading Components with Sketchup Shop? Is it possible now?
Thank you