Reloading Components

Does SketchUp Shop support component reloading? The feature that I miss the most is being able to insert a drawing into another drawing as a component and then being able to reload that first drawing in the second drawing after I have edited that first drawing. That doesn’t seem to be available in SketchUp free and before I try Shop, I thought I would ask.

There is not an official roadmap, but this should definitively be implemented, I guess
@Mark ?

Have you actually used Shop? You sound more like a pro user.

Yes I have! And I have used the reload function a lot in the desktop version, so I now how it works That is why I support the request.
The guessing part is more my way not to lay pressure on @Mark :thinking:

Just trying to find out if it has the feature before I spend the money. I have been using the free online version, and I’m even willing to pay for a version that has it, but I use SketchUp as an amateur so I can’t pay too much :slight_smile:

Well, it is not yet there:

(If you have a Subscription, you have access to the Premium webbased modeler, Shop, as well)

The changelog in the About section (If you click on the hamburger menu top-left) will give an overview of the added features and fixes. Last month, Components and Solid inspector were improved, who knows what is up this month?

I have not used the free desktop app ‘Make’ a lot but I think you will have that option there.
My boss won’t let me post a link to it, but if you van scroll…