Reference to location

Hi, i try to reference to location (60.126396N , 15.213404E) but i can not. Location seems as plate, how kan i do this?

Is that here?

I copied your Lat/Long and went to this location.

Yes, it’s the same location!

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That’s right, but can you see the terrain layer, i can’t do this.

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There’s currently no terrain data available at that location.

But it was, i used it!

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How long ago was that?

How long ago? Coverage changed when Google shut down their API and forced Trimble SketchUp to switch to a new provider.

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I don’t remember exact but norr than one year ago.

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It would have had to have been more than a year ago and as @slbaumgartner wrote, the source has changed because Google shut down access to their data.

See this:

Do you have the SketchUp file from back then with the imported terrain?

And I just checked: we do have data above 60ºN in Norway and Finland, but not in Sweden and Russia. We’re checking if there are plans to update that (a different division of Trimble supplies this data).

Happy to hear!
I made a try (A site in Finland). The Digital Globe image quality is still appalling, but the new terrain data seems good, better than what Google offered when the SketchUp terrain data came from them. The grid is at about 5m c/c.

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