Geo location terrain missing

I could grab geo location map, but missing Location Terrain Layer with duplicated Location Snapshot layer.

Unfortunately, my.SketchUp doesn’t have access to Google’s 3D terrain data API, so we’re unable to give you a terrain snapshot from Add Location.


I understood, it was not a bug, thank you.

By the way, thank you for checking my LayOut work here in 3DBASECAMP today.

How do you grab the geo location map?


Withdrawn, my bad. (I missed the emphasis on "terrain data".)

See John’s notice:

:blush: Sorry.


I don’t understand - @genki_tt said: [quote=“genki_tt, post:1, topic:26470”]
I could grab geo location map

  • I asked how to do that . .



Ah! Excellent . .


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Location Terrain layer missing
Hello. I have the same problem, but the interesting thing is that i used same terrain and location before to get the topography, and sketchup actually created the location terrain layer.

When was “before”?