Reduce model size


I have a large assemble that I am inserting into a new SU model and then creating an array x 12

This has almost made this new large assembly grind to a holt. SU is spending a lot of time in the not responding mode (Not Responding) and taking for ever to rotate etc even trying to delete something is taking forever

Is there a way of creating a “Dumb” model of my assembly while I am working with it and then turning it back to full detail for rendering

The machine spec I am doing this on at work is pretty good

You can use dumb components, the rails without all the holes for example, then replace them with the full components when wanted, they can even be on a tag that is turned off and on as needed.

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Thanks, how do I create a dumb. Component

Depends what it is, but if it was like the one you posted before, copy the end face out of the original, then pull to length and don’t add the holes, make component, done.

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Here’s a quick example. Copy and paste in place will be in your edit menu, not the right click menu like I use here, you can set them as keyboard shortcuts.
I have moved the copy to show you it is there but you can leave it in place and assign it a different Tag.

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That’s extremely helpful, thanks very much

To optimize graphic performance, try modifying the current Style to disable profile edges and shadows (if they are not already disabled).

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further info on that topic can be found here: Improving Performance | SketchUp Help

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