Red template box in preferences

I can seem to change the red box in preferences templates and therefore sketchupo wont work. Have just moved this licence over from my old laptop to my new one. Help!!

Can you post a screenshot of what you are talking about?

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I have never seen anything like this. Does the path lead to a deleted directory? If so, can you relink it to where it used to be? Can you still open files using File > Open?

Looks like an install issue.
Did you install by Right Click and choose Run as Administrator?

I cant seem to do anything at all and it wont let me edit the block at all.
Have tried reinstalling but to no avail. Even tried exporting the data from
the desktop and importing to the laptop, but no go.

Thanks for the tip, will try that

I’ve never seen that red box, but on my Mac SketchUp will not let me alter the Templates folder in Preferences. I suspect this is because, like all SketchUp files, the templates are saved as a particular version. Allowing you to use the same destination across multiple versions would lead to issues whenever you launched a different version than created the template. However, you can open a template file from a previous SketchUp version and do a SaveAs->Template in the new version to convert it and save it to the immutable place.

In SU 2017 and SU 2018, the Templates folder location cannot be changed/edited.

Thanks, will try that if the admin setting does not work Steve.

Thanks Mark that woudl make sense, but then Im not sure why its flagging it
as needing to be changed. Confused…

Try re-running the installer and select the Repair option. Make sure that you right-click on the installer exe and select Run as administrator, though.

One thing to note is that the Templates path points to the user Peter_2 whereas the other paths point to user Peter Reid.

That might be the first time I have seen a Team Member post that. Could we see that in very bold print on the Installation page and in the help file. The help file currently says otherwise, with a secondary note about this option.

Or what about the installer itself not being able to run if it doesn’t have elevated privileges.

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