Red edges in model


Yesterday a portion of my current model of housing appeared with red edges.

The portion is a series of rectangular solids forming a catwalk.

See the screen shot below.

Thanks in advance!

Have you painted the edges red and set a style that uses that?


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Attach the model so we don’t have to guess.

Color by Tag?

Color by axis?

color by axes
color by material: possible, most likely
color by tag: possible ?

No-edge style with the back faces painted red? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this is a fun guessing game.


Red lines can also indicate locked groups or components. Try right clicking on it and see if the context menu states locked. If so you can unlock thru the same menu.
For something to be locked at all it must be a group or component. You have to be pretty intentional to lock stuff however. I use lock on purpose to keep things untouchable.