Red dimensionbox

Most of Dimensions become red (dimension box) in Layout each time file updated, and some labels too (fill). Mostly on that page, which drawings been modified in SU. In 2017 and 2018. Impossible to change red color. Only by exploding dimensions.

Did you try Reconnect after right clicking on the dimension?

Does your scene show as modified in the SketchUp Model inspector window?


Scene not modified. After try Reconnect, dimensions regain. Thank you!)

If you’re smart when you set up your template, you created a layer for dimensions and you put them all there. When you get those dimensions that need to be reconnected to the model, lock the other layers and select all of the dimensions. Right click on one and they should all reconnect.

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I think I have a better way to do that:

You don´t need to put the dimensions on a layer to lock the others and then reconnect. Just “Ctrl + A” and right click above some dimension that is red label and choose the reconnect option

That’s true but it is safer to limit the selection. There are other benefits of using layers for different types of entities too.

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