Recreating a crater mesh



I have a mesh with hills and I would like to clear a part of it. Is there some

free tool to do it?

When I select square of meshes, the tool should calculate flat service and solution to fit to the borders of the square which has different elevation.

I am working on a grid for craters and the mesh which I did doesn’t fit to the textures. So I decided I would like to project textures of craters into square grid, then to add more details to square mesh of crater and adjust every mesh in crater. For this I would need to clear some area.

test.skp (1.7 MB)

Note: The black areas of rocks should not be effected. I tried polyreduce but did not work.


I find my way. I have deleted the edges and faces and build grid from guides. I drawn regular squares 2,5x2,5m where I will project crater texture. However I have problems now when I work with the rules. They are not in the same plane as the rectangles and I am not able to fix it. This way when I want to connect mesh with the rectangles, it sticks to the rulers instead to the plane. I mean such case when I have a line and need to add new line to it, but I do not know the position. Only the rulers tell me the position when I watch in top down view. But as I said the line sticks to the guides instead line so the result is not that exact.

Is there solution to make the guides no sticking? By other words to make them just for my visual check.

One more problem.

When I will have the square mesh and project the image on it (blue). Is there some shortcut, some trick how to separate the square like this (yellow)? Could it be made with some ruby code or plugin (to select more squares and do it auto for all selected squares)?


Have you had a look at Sandbox.


I used the sandbox originally. But it does not fit my needs. It is extremely slow to work with big meshes. The division of square does not fir my needs.

You show me different process not the one I asked. Your way “make grid, and then project texture”.
I need: “project, and then make a grid”

I have found that using shift and hovering over the line will lock it to edge (purple color of the line). So when I create new line it will not stick to line/guide but to the edge of the line.

But still sometimes it’s better to hide or delete the guides


Here I am.craters.skp (892.5 KB)

So I have flatten the surface and now I can project the craters. But I realized one more problem. When the crater is 1,25m small I need to divide the 2,5x2,5 square to 4 squares And this is where I do not want to do it manually. But maybe will need. Sandbox is useless here.


Also, the sandbox Smoove tool ads triangles to squares, it makes the mesh more complicated. The grid generator is good and I will use it next time.

I originally thought there is difference between mesh surface and other 2D-3D objects in SU. So I thought the mesh is some object of different type than the rest of my model.

Somehow it cannot add details to a simple square and the Smooth tool does not elevate the square up when I set the radius to 0,5m or smaller. I mean, it does, but it also elevates the surrounding squares and make triangles from them.

Which complicates the mesh. This is disadvantage of Sandbox.


I’m not really understanding what you are wanting to do.
Is is something like this?


I was recreating the mesh for the craters.craters.skp (1.3 MB)

Yes, but in very small resolution.

What program do you use to create the animation?

It is a lot work I would like to automate by script it if possible. But I think I will give up making mesh of the small craters.


The craters are not in mm but in m. The small crater can have about 1-2m. The small craters should represent craters after mine explosion. They are shallow, so maybe I will leave the idea of creating them in 3D.


you can make a component and then insert it on your grid…

if you don’t cut any of the original squares edges then it will drop in easily…

he’s a quick example…

crater.skp (381.6 KB)

you may get away with using 6 sides for the ‘ring’ and 3 sides for the bottom, but you need to draw the triangles for the best control…



I think I could do that. But I use round corners on the lines. The round corners works for offset 0,2 and 1 side well but it must be isolated.

I found that when I create the crater with more details and the texture does not fit, I can select the edges of the crater, no faces, and then move the edges… To fit the texture. How easy…


So finally I decided to remake all the mesh of map I am working on. It is size of 1kmx1km and I use squares of 5x5m, no triangles.

I found it better to skip using sand tools coz that tool is incredible slow. Instead of it I have my own grid. I use the sandbox just to plan the square grid. Now I have my map prepared, so am starting to deleting all square which are on flat surface (water surface, no mountains, no hills). I realized this will reduce the entities as much as possible.


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