How to create multiple textures mesh/grids on varying panel sizes



I have been creating sketchup models for 3d printing, however I am struggling to add some texture to the prints. I actually require creating a sort of raised mesh/grid on some square panels of varying sizes. I wondered if their was a simple way to create a mesh/grid on a varying square tiles. I have so far made them one by one, simply creating a grid, offsets and uplifting the parts to create the raised grid. Its time consuming, however when I have 100’s to do on varying sized panels its really to much. Anyone know of a addon that can help?



Can you give us an image or better still a model showing what you need to do.


In this case I have used the 3text editor to create a 3d X and then copy and paste to the surface.

I need to do lots of them - the idea is to create a mesh like texture for printing.

hope that pic helps?



It does not need to be that detailed - it just needs a texture so its not flat


I drew this for someone the other day, would that be appropriate?
They don’t have to be squares, it’s all about drawing the holes rather than the bars.


Another option might be Eneroth’s Terrain Eroder.


Yet another option, Using components then Multiple offset and joint push pull.
There are many possibilities, bit hard to know what would be best as it’s not entirely clear what the result needs to be.


This is one of the items

Its a radar array with wire mesh. I am trying to create a mesh like material which is thick enough to print and then cast in resin ,hence the oversized mesh.

Each panel can be different sizes and curved. I normally use multiple offsets and push/pull, however I have many many to do. Wondered if a quicker way existed
thanks for all the help!



You could probably set up something with Profile Builder.


I will check that out

Thanks again


Or you can create a flat version and use Flowify to form the desired curve…


that looks very interesting!