Recommended VR headset for SketchUp, best buy in 2021



I’m looking to buy several new VR headsets and feel that my experience may be a bit rusty. So really wanted to ask for help from SketchUp community - what VR headsets would you recommend for SketchUp Viewer (and, possibly, Enscape) at this moment, in 2021?

I’ve been using SketchUp VR viewer for more than three years, mostly with HTC Vive. But that is quite an old device now. Vive Pro or Cosmos? Valve Index? Occulus Quest 2?
After doing some research about wireless options it looks like wireless controller for Vive Pro is still a bulky and very specialised thing that very few people use. And using Quest 2 wirelessly is possible, but not ideal.

Will be using VR headsets mainly with Dell Precision 7750 laptops. (RTX3000 or RTX4000 video cards)

Use scenario: internal checks of operations designs (warehousing), internal/external presentations, VR-walkthrough’s for clients. Possibly - remote collaboration/presentation sessions.

@MikeTadros, what are your recommendations at this stage for VR headsets for SketchUp? Any preferences?

I’ve been using Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop, and that seemed at least as good as with a Link cable. And now the Quest 2 software has been updated to do Air Link. I didn’t find the option for trying that yet, but that and the change to 120 fps makes Quest 2 seem even more of an option.

I will try to get it going this evening.


Thanks, Colin!

@dimav83 If you are looking for SketchUp to VR walkthroughs for clients using Quest 2 using cloud-based software like can be an option to explore. The workflow is via a SketchUp extension to send the model to the cloud. Once optimised ( takes a few minutes ), it can be viewed on an Oculus headset using a 6 digit code in a viewer app ( available for download on App Lab). Hope it helps!