Reassign F1 shortcut for User command

Hi, everyone !
Is it possible to delete the F1 shortcut for Knowledge base ? I want to replace this shortcut for topview.
Thanks !


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window, preferences…shortcuts on left panel

select: camera/Standard Views/Top

click into Add Shortcut: press F1…OK

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Thanks for your reponse.

I have already tryied to do this, but when i press F1, i have the top view in sketchup and an internet open window (sketchup knowledge base).
It seems impossible to delete this shortcut :frowning:

The F1 shortcut is hard coded into the executable’s accelerators resource.

Even assigned an alternate such as CTRL+F1 to the “Help/Knowledge Center” menu command, does not disable the built-in setting for F1.

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That’s a pretty common problem: controlled by what gets first response to that input event, as defined in the executable.

For what it is worth, on a Mac it is impossible to use command key combinations for shortcuts because they are hard-wired into menu selections. You can’t even type them into the input box to try - they invoke the menu item.

Thanks everybody for your help !

I think, i will find an other shortcut for top view.
Too bad, F1 F2 … was a good locations for quick views.

F1 is the default Windows ‘Help’ key.
Why not use Shift+F1 ?
Life is too short to stuff a mushroom…

I’m a bit confused by this response. Although I haven’t tried it with SketchUp shortcuts, I have many Finale shortcuts programmed to my F keys. Some are set up through the control panel, and others with iKeys.

Or do you just mean the F1 key?

Mac OS 10.10.3

I was talking about command key combinations, not function keys.

Hi, this problem is still unsolved and very relevent, and it’s incredibly annoying. In every other 3D program I’ve used, I’ve been able to assign F1 to top view. Just starting using Sketchup, and it’s infuriating that it does not also allow to reassign F1 key to usable function. I removed the help hotkey, assigned f1 to top view, and even assigned f12 to help to make sure there was no overlap. pressing f1 does give top view, but also opens a browser tab with help center. If other 3D programs can override this, then Sketchup should as well…

I understand there are Windows registry edit type workarounds, but all of those require administrator privileges, and it just really shouldn’t require that. I will also make a post in Windows feature requests, because this is ridiculous.

You can use the following to remap the F1 key…

Windows Powertoys Keyboard Manager
AutoHotKkey (AHK)

But for what you require I think maybe you’ll need to use AHK to remap F1 to perform a SketchUp shortcut to Top View.

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