Reassign F1 shortcut for User command


Hi, everyone !
Is it possible to delete the F1 shortcut for Knowledge base ? I want to replace this shortcut for topview.
Thanks !



window, preferences…shortcuts on left panel

select: camera/Standard Views/Top

click into Add Shortcut: press F1…OK


Thanks for your reponse.

I have already tryied to do this, but when i press F1, i have the top view in sketchup and an internet open window (sketchup knowledge base).
It seems impossible to delete this shortcut :frowning:


The F1 shortcut is hard coded into the executable’s accelerators resource.

Even assigned an alternate such as CTRL+F1 to the “Help/Knowledge Center” menu command, does not disable the built-in setting for F1.

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That’s a pretty common problem: controlled by what gets first response to that input event, as defined in the executable.

For what it is worth, on a Mac it is impossible to use command key combinations for shortcuts because they are hard-wired into menu selections. You can’t even type them into the input box to try - they invoke the menu item.


Thanks everybody for your help !

I think, i will find an other shortcut for top view.
Too bad, F1 F2 … was a good locations for quick views.


F1 is the default Windows ‘Help’ key.
Why not use Shift+F1 ?
Life is too short to stuff a mushroom…


I’m a bit confused by this response. Although I haven’t tried it with SketchUp shortcuts, I have many Finale shortcuts programmed to my F keys. Some are set up through the control panel, and others with iKeys.

Or do you just mean the F1 key?

Mac OS 10.10.3


I was talking about command key combinations, not function keys.