Really hard times when "Solid Union / Outer Shell"

Hey guys!

I use SketchUp for 3D modeling but I really have hard times when comes to Outer Shell solids!

Can anyone help me with this one? I´ve tried to scale to 1.000x, Solid Inspector2, everything!

What i can´t union in this file is all that littles “dents” to the outer ring.
I´ve tried to make them unique, make the ring a little bigger for more “interference”, but it never worksGimballGoPro_UNION.skp|attachment (245.2 KB)

You’ve got multiple copies of most of those “bumps” on top of each other. Delete the excess ones and it should go more smoothly.

Frankly, though, I think you could choose a better method for making that ring with the bumps. Make the bottom of the ring with the bumps and then extrude it.

You should also make it a practice to drag out the radii of circles on axis so the vertices line up on axis and when concentric, with each other.

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