Unable to combine multiple solids using the Outer shell or Union tools in sketchup Pro 2018

Greetings all. I still consider myself a newbie and I have tried all the techniques that I know to do, however, I am unable to combine multiple solids into a single solid module using the solid tools. I did manage to get it to a single solid but I am not satisfied with the result and I don’t know how to fix it. I started with the ring being a solid and each of the wedges being another solid. One side (with 5 wedges) is acceptable but I cannot get the other side (also with 5 wedges) to look the same.
I would appreciate any help I can get, even if I have to rebuild from scratch.
Making wheel.skp (68.8 KB)

The main problem with your model is that the wedges and the ring don’t seem to be the same thickness, so you are getting issues creating the top and bottom faces correctly.
I’m curious what you are wanting to draw? do you want to know how to make solids work specifically or do you simply want to draw the shape in a way that works?

If it’s solids, then you need to make the wedges more accurately and position them exactly before using union.
If the other I would suggest it would be simpler to draw your rings, then one wedge and radial array it with the rotate tool, then push pull to thickness.

While it doesn’t look too hard to start over and follow box’s advice…but if you are happy with the one side you have now, you could cut the ring in half and copy the the better side around to the other.

Here’s a quick example of how I would draw it.

Box, you are the best!

Thanks a lot.

The latter is the case, but it has to mate with another existing component which I already aligned with the individual wedges. I prefer your approach, however, which is to rebuild it from scratch using your approach. I will then adapt it to the other module. Thank you!

Thank you for the quick response

That is also another option that I did not consider. Now I have choices. Thanks

You may have a reason for it as is, but you might also want to up the segment count for your rings to make them smoother circles?

How should I round the edges? I I use the 2 point arc tool, then the push pull tool to remove the excess, but I keep getting the offset limiting error when I use this method.

Making wheel.skp (78.2 KB)

Making wheel 2.skp (72.9 KB)

If you tap ctrl the pushpull tool will continue through the face, then intersect and remove what you don’t want.

Thanks for the recommendation. This is part of a set of modules so I will have to look into changing the others as well. I will certainly pay closer attention to that going forward.

Cool, I kept trying to make sure that the wall face had a square cut because some would work and others would not. Again you saved me a lot of time and effort.
I still think that this program is awesome because it appeals to the independent designers that don’t have the resources of major corporations. I also like the fact that it is easy to navigate because its tool set is not inherently extensive, thus keeping the learning curve as short as possible.

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