REALLY basic question - need to make a cylinder

I’m using SketchUp Shop, Annual Plan. I don’t know if it’s Pro, Go, or something else; my plan didn’t appear in the options when I signed up for the forum.

I’ve used Sketchup to make a building plan for a makerspace I work at. Today I went to make some modifications to the model. I want to make a cylinder. I click on the rectangle tool, which I thought caused a pop-up menu to appear that had a rectangle tool, an arc, and maybe a couple other things. Today only the rectangle appears. In fact, none of the modeling tools over to the left have ANY popup menus like they used to.

Does anyone know what version of Sketchup I’m using? Is there something REALLY basic I’m not doing that is why the popup tools don’t appear?


Circle - PushPull

Thank you for the very quick reply.

You could also make tube by using the offset tool then using the push/pull tool.

Sketchup shop now it’s called sketchup Go.

Go should have the same user interface as Free.
OP says it’s different…

The SketchUp for Web interface - Free, Shop, Go changed over the years

before 2023


click on Rectangle > Circle

click on the 3 dots > Circle

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That explaines a lot! Thanks.

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