Tool-Bars and Menus

I just started Sketchup Shop today. I have been using an older version of Sketchup Make which has two rows of horizontal tool bars on top with drop down items and click-on functions.
Sketchup Shop’s layout is entirely different. It has left and right tool boxes which are quite obscure.
I cannot find Solid Tool in the array of tools.
Is it possible to get the top bars back in Sketchup Shop?

SketchUp Shop has a feature that would be amazing to have in SketchUp on desktop. There is a magnifying glass you can click on, and from there you can find any of the options you are looking for.

For an overview about how the web version and desktop versions are different, watch this video:

Hi Colin,

Thank you for your help with SketchUp web version. I can’t find any help online regarding using Sketchup Shop for 3D printing. I cannot find the Solid Tool! Can you help?

Solid Tools are on the left in SketchUp Shop.

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I tried to import a CAD tree into a skp drawing. I did it three times but could find it anywhere in the drawing. Did I miss something?

Try importing into an empty scene, and then try Zoom Extents. It could be that the model imported a long distance from the origin. If you find it that way, select the part that imported, Cut, Zoom Extents, and Paste. That would put it back at the origin.

Thank you. You’re right. I found two out of three of the imports - they were miles away.

I have drawn a simple shape in Photoshop and converted the Jpg file to DXF. I open a new Skp file and imported the DXF file into it. It measures about 2’ x 2’. I couldn’t find it on screen. I used zoom extents and still nothing. Sketchup confirmed the import was complete and I checked the DXP file - all the lines were intact. It just won’t show on the Skp screen. I tried it three times already.

Does Skp list all the items (components) anywhere?

When Photoshop exports DXF from a vanishing plane, it only exports the planes that you have made. It doesn’t export the image.

Is there a reason not to use the image directly in SketchUp?

I need to convert image (Jpg) to vector (DXF) if I want to work with the flat image as a plane in Skp. If I import Jpg directly into Skp, I can only use it as a texture.

In SketchUp you would draw lines around the image. How are you able to do that in Photoshop? If you have Photoshop, do you also have Illustrator? That can trace images and export DXF.

I did that but couldn’t find it anywhere.
Could you kindly check to see if you can open the attached dxf file and that it contains content?

BOOMERANG-OUTLINE-no-background (1).dxf (1.29 MB)

I have the file and will give it a try.

I couldn’t insert the file into LayOut, or import it into SketchUp. I also couldn’t find an online converter that could handle the file. Not sure how it can be opened.

Something wrong with the JPG to dxf converter I used. Thanks

Autodesk’s DWG TrueView application opened it OK and it imported into SketchUp with no problems. I used Millimeters as the import unit so you might have to scale it .
boomerang.skp (1.8 MB)

How do you Smooth or Soften edges? I can’t find the commands in the tool bars.

My Sketchup program just ceased. I could not make group. I could not save. Internet connection is good. No idea what happened. Please help.

Hi Colin,
I have just upgraded to Sketchup Pro. I have this problem of the program not recognizing the line I have drawn to separate an area into two segments. The program just acts as if the line isn’t there. See attached screenshot.

Can you show a small file that includes the problem line?