Realistic materials when rendering with sketch up/v-ray

Hello to everyone. Could you please send me any link for watching realistic material like stone, glass, concrete etc as a result when rendering with sketch up / v-ray ? Thank you everyone.

Youtube searching after keywords: ‘v-ray’, ‘realistic’, ‘material’

thank you. i found some. Do you have any idea why when rendering the shadows are hidden?

Did you turn off the shadows in the sun settings?


What do you mean by ‘shadows are hidden’?
What does that rendering with ‘hidden shadows’ look like?

I mean that when I look through the camera I can see the shadows, but when i render the scene there are no shadows.

Στις Κυρ, 7 Νοε 2021 στις 09:05 ο χρήστης Mihai Stancu via SketchUp Forum <> έγραψε:

Also, i saw the video you send me and ‘shadows’ are on in my notifications. don’t know why is that happening, but i can’t fine solution. :confused: thank you for your time.

Can you post a screenshot if you SketchUp model, your V-Ray render, and your ‘Light’ settings in the V-Ray asset editor? Or post your whole model (to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and share link here) as it’s hard to say what’s wrong without more information.