Realistic LED rendering with V-Ray

Continuing the discussion from Cotty's gallery images:

To start with, these points are very important:

  • model as accurate as possible (to scale, with all relevant details like active emitting areas, lenses, …)
  • use adequate materials
  • instead of modeling the LED, you can try to create a IES light with the desired lightning pattern

Since V-Ray is a physically based raytracer, it is possible to get very realistic results with the right setup.

Do you have an example of the current result and the ideal goal?

I imported the profile and cover (2D) from dwg
Made the 3D model in SU.
Made a mesh light with the help of V-ray.
I calculated the lumenoutput we have with the LED strip we would use with the specific length and used this to set the settings for the light source in V-ray.
I used the materials available in V-ray.
I only have basic knowledge of creating my own materials. Still learning. :slight_smile:
If you know a course I could take… Or follow that would be great.

That reminded me of this old SketchUcation thread: Render this: L.E.D lighting • sketchUcation • 2

Most is probably outdated by now.

(And I asked similar question in 2008 on the old ASGVis forums, which never got an reply (How do you model an LED light? - Chaos Forums). Maybe I’ll finally learn this myself! :rofl: )

some old examples from me with optical elements …

and a simple rectangle with an IES profile assigned:


testing IES light



Did you figure out how to get the right result?