Re sizing the presentation picture of a product in 3D warehouse?




I uploaded some 3D models on 3D Warehouse but i have a problem when i see all the products in my Library :

Some products are very small whereras others are in normal size.

You can see in the following link :

Do you know if it’s possible to choose the presentation picture of your product ? or how to re size it ?


the 3D Warehouse normally uses the view of the model as it is when you upload it. Use Zoom Extents first to make the model fill the drawing window as much as possible. I downloaded one of your models, hit Zoom Extents and uploaded back to the Warehouse. Compare the views.



I made my upload private and I’ll be deleting it shortly so no worries about me claiming it or anything.


Thank you very much for your feedback DaveR, i will try it


Before you upload a 3D model to 3D Warehouse, the following tips are helpful to know:

  • The preview image that appears on the model details page is based on how the model appears in the drawing area. Before you upload your model, you may want to adjust the view, styles, and materials. For example, you might use the Camera tools to show the whole model from the front and check that the Style settings show off your model’s best look (such as faces styles that have shading and materials instead of being see-through).