How to enlarge models from 3D warehouse

Hi all
New to SketchUp and to this forum.

Is there a setting which enlarges the models being inserted from the 3D warehouse? I know I can use the scale tool to enlarge once it is on my plan however currently the item I insert is as small as the cursor, literally a dot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Sketchup is basically an infinite 3d workspace. So if models from the warehouse are looking tiny the most likely explanation is that you are zoomed way out. Zoom in rather than upscale the models. If you have created geometry then it is probably way over size.
The general idea of sketchup is to model at real world dimensions, unless working on very small things, but that is another issue.
The scroll wheel on the mouse allows you to zoom in.
Probably the simplest thing is to start with a new model with a scale figure to help you understand how big things are.

Ok I will try that thanks

Thank you so much for your response, my measurements weren’t in mm as I thought so you were spot on, it was way over sized! Such a relief :slight_smile: