Re shaping a spiral to a "V" form

Hi guys,
i have created a spiral path which i’m trying to reshape in a V shape like the (badly edited) image below.

with a box its quite easy since I can choose the top face and resize it, but i can’t get it to work on a path/spiral. I have tried breaking the curve and selected half of it but its not working (it got resized only the upper half)

is there a way to “deform” the resizing box by resizing it only from the points that I click onto? (a bit like the deform transform tool in photoshop)

thanks as always

spiral sketchup

btw this was created without extensions so i dont know if theres something ready made for it, but I would prefer doing it without since it will help me learn something new.

Something like this?

Drawn in one go using the SU Parametric Shapes plugin from SketchUcation Plugin Store.

It works in SU 2017.

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Or Fredo’s Taper

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yes something like that! wow that was really fast, thanks a lot both of you :slight_smile:
so many talented users in here!

If you want to do it manually here is one way.
I used redo to speed up the drawing in of the diagonals, but I’m sure you get the idea.


not sure i have the redo function but i’ll try doing it that way too for the fun of trying (the other extension methods did work wonder so far)

Redo is ctrl y or the forward arrow on the ‘standard’ toolbar. But you have to undo first to be able to redo. I drew the edges in and undo’d then redo’d for the gif.

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oh i see ok now i got it :slight_smile: im still “stuck” with the standard mini toolbar. I try to keep it simple since im not really good at lots of buttons/icons