Random Spherical Doodad



That’s awesome! How’d you make that?


I created two periods of a sine wave mapped on the surface of a sphere:


Then used the Follow Me tool with a circle:


After making this a component, 11 copies were made spaced at 15 degrees:

I used the U-V PolyGen plugin to make the sine curves using the following parameters:


X = Math.cos(u) * Math.sqrt(1.0 - (0.75 * Math.cos(2.0 * u))**2)
Y = Math.sin(u) * Math.sqrt(1.0 - (0.75 * Math.cos(2.0 * u))**2)
Z = 0.75 * Math.cos(2.0 * u)

Interestingly enough, the Follow Me tool follows this curve very nicely. For example, the ring below was made the same way, but used a letter “E” shaped cross-section instead of a circle:


As many have discovered, the Follow Me tool will many times twist and turn the profile when used with a helix or similar curve. In doodling with a sine curve on a sphere, I didn’t get the results I had expected. However, when I did the same with a sine wave traced out on a cylinder, the result was similar to previous results:

Interesting behavior :wink:


Variation on a theme …


That last one is really great looking. I don’t know when I’d want to use it, but I want to put it into one of my designs somehow. It could be a really pretty accent to a light fixture…