Follow me follows some other drummer

Dear All,

I am going to try to model the following light for my library project:

Green Glass Pendant Light

The first thing I thought to do was create a half sphere-ish object. Sort of a squished half sphere.

I created a circle (yea me), then I created the profile of the squished half sphere (with small straight extensions from said squished profile to the circle). Then I used follow me to create a not very effective helmet. I again am doing something very silly, but my mind is drawing (ha ha) a blank.

Any help is, as always, super appreciated. Oh, and there is like totally no rush. I am not against a deadline, nor will I lose the love of my life if y’all don’t respond.

Thanks tons,

T. Cook Y.
Follow Me Half Not sphere.skp (534.3 KB)

Just as an idea (with quads and subd)