Random lines on cylinder/pole geometry - Using pipe along path

Hey all, we create bamboo structures, and so all of our models have a lot of poles. Some poles in Layout Vector mode show lines on the outside of the pole. This has been a repeating graphic issue, and we haven’t been able to determine why.

Raster mode makes the lines go away, but we much prefer the crispness and darkness of the lines in vector mode. I understand that these lines are necessary hidden geometry to create the poles, but it’s not clear why they show up as visible in Layout and not in Sketchup.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what could be causing this or any potential solutions?

Can you upload the Layout file here ( or post a link to a file sharing service if it’s too large) so we can examine the file?

Hey endlessfix, thanks for the reply.

Here’s a link to a layout and sketchup file where the same issue is occuring. This is a simpler occurence showing two similar panels, where one panel has the line issue and the other does not.

Please have a look and lmk what you think. Link to files

The two files in the drive are a SketchUp file (skp) and a SketchUp backup (skb). We would need to see the Layout file (.layout). Only that file is necessary as the SketchUp reference file isn embedded in it.

Oops sorry! I just added the Layout file. Please recheck the link.

Render the viewport as Hybrid instead of Vector.

The model is at a great distance from the origin relative to the size of the model. It would be better to keep the model close to the origin.

BTW, I note incorrect tag usage in the SketchUp file…
Screenshot - 11_17_2022 , 9_17_31 PM

And there’s lots of unused stuff in the model. Purging reduced the file size by more than 99%.
Screenshot - 11_17_2022 , 9_18_08 PM