Random hole in site appears after save

I have a house model on a site. Whenever I save, a hole appears in the site. Ctrl+z removes the hole, but it appears again as soon as I save. I also tried manually repairing the hole, but it still reappears on save. Model is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12RJp6sLLPlrse6YQBaiXeSggW75nYiTn/view?usp=sharing

Also some screenshots. I’m new here so one at a time

Before save

after save

You’d have to upload the file so that people can see what is going on.

Redraw that right corner. I used Vertex Tools to join the two vertices in the corner and then you can save without problems.

You can also use the Purge command, it will reduce your file size from 65 MB to 34 MB.

Fixed. Thank you!

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