Ramp Method

@RTCool mentioned a “ramp method” in another thread that I am interested in trying. I’m sheathing a roof to a shop I’m modeling. It’s taking a longer time than it should because of roof slope and the polygon shape of the structure. I think a “ramp approach” might help.

Maybe. Got a picture of what you’re trying to do?

Maybe I’m being too picky. There are small inconsistencies after copy/rotating arraying the
sheathing parts. I have to move them slightly which is hard to do accurately, because stuff
being off axes. When framers install sheathing, they leave a small gap (1/16") between pieces to allow for wood movement. So, it doesn’t have to be too precise.

When I do this I model the sheathing flat on the ground, then position them on the framing, use a cutting block to miter as needed then rotate / copy about the axis of the structure.

This requires clean and accurate modeling which comes with practice.

I also often turn off all the framing and I will just use a ‘roof plane’ set of guides to model the sheathing (and do the same for the roof framing elements). The guide is just a set of surfaces I create before I start modeling that I can snap to - and I will often hide the surface and just use the lines for positioning.

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Your model is not correctly aligned and makes your work unnecessarily difficult. Also avoid assigning tags to raw geometry.
Otherwise, if you create your model correctly, you can easily draw that roof as well.


Make just one side then rotate copy about the blue axis located at the top point. Done.
I’d draw a vertical line as reference first
Q Ctrl =rotate copy

I will practice this method. Once I get this far, it will be much easier to break down the roof sheathing into pieces that could be cut from 4’ by 8’ by 3/4" sheets and fit the framework. Thanks, for the answer.

Polygon Shop Model #2.skp (420.6 KB)

I have to do some honey-do chores now, but here’s my progress on the re-make of the roof
sheathing. I’m going to use the whole roof sheathing component for the model, because I think it will look better with texture. The smaller pieces will be for cutting list dims from the 4’ by 8’ sheets. I re-made the roof framing.

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