RAM speed or total amount of RAM?

I had a chance to trade my RAM s with someone. I had 16(8x2) GB 3000 Mhz CL16 RAMs. I traded them with 32 GB (8x4) 2400 Mhz CL15 RAMs. I have Ryzen 9 3900x CPU (which benefits from high speed RAM) . Did I do something hurts modelling speed? How much benefit can I get from RAM speed - RAM capacity - RAM timings. I wish some tech youtubers can cover that. I was on constant %90 RAM usage. Right now it reduced to %50-%60.

You’re probably better with more RAM instead of faster RAM.

If you were regularly using 90% there’s a good chance that sometimes Windows would need virtual memory and page out to disk. Then you’re comparing RAM speed with the speed of your hard drive or SSD. RAM is much faster than either of those.

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