Radius on a corner


I have a 90 degree corner. I want to put a 12" radius on the outside curve. What is the easiest way to do this. I would like to just click on both lines of the 90 degree corner, and type in 12" for the radius, if there is an extension out there. Thank you.


TIGs 2DTools have a 2D fillet function for this e.g.:


“Easiest”? That’s the sole criterion? Don’t you think there’s value in learning to use the program before looking to shave seconds from a simple task?

I would be reluctant to advise using an extension for something as simple as a corner radius, particularly before or instead of learning to use the native Arc tools, which are perfectly capable of such a task. By the time you download and install the extension and learn how to use it, you could have made two dozen corner radii and had lunch.



And don’t forget the new (since 2015?) double click function…


You only actually need one guide, the magenta will tell you the other point.