Radius a corner without leaving a connection point

Made a square, put a radius on a corner (circle at the appropriate offset and remove the sharp corner, When you push the square, you get a line at the joint.

How do I get rid of that line ?

Soften that line. Get the Eraser tool, hold Ctrl and click on the edges.

You can also select the edges, right click and choose Soften/Smooth.

U can try this plugin also y to do manual this plugin do everything.

@atek, it’s good to know doing basic stuff in SketchUp with native tools.
Other than that, if you mention using a plugin, please provide a link to it or at least its name. There are so many plugins out there.


@atek, I agree with Wo3Dan. It’s important for new users to learn to use the native tools. There’s little point to using a plugin to run the native tool.

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The Name of the plugin is ""JHS PowerBar"
The name is display quite good way.

Ok, it seems to have the same name as the toolbar shows, thank you.
@theoldwizard1, each visible endpoint in a face’s circumference will “stretch” to become a visible edge after extruding the face. To see which endpoints, turn ON endpoints in the ‘Style’ window.
(Menu Window > Style > Edit > Endpoints >check Endpoints, set to 3 or higher)

It’s important to understand what your geometry is made of. Edges are always there, they just get shown in different ways.
Hard, softened, smoothed or hidden. Each has it’s own purpose. But whether you can see them or not they are always there. Turn on Hidden Geometry to see and interact with them.

Also a couple of tips you may not be aware of. The 2 point arc tool can be used with the magenta inference to make a correct radius from one measurement. Then double click near other corners will repeat the radius and remove the excess automatically.
There are various Weld plugins available to join segments together, here I have used Curvizard from Fredo6 to weld the four arcs and straight edges together. This saves you having to smooth edges, but has many other uses. Tig Weld is another good one. Both available from Sketchucation.


Any good instructional information on this ?

Softening, Smoothing, and Hiding Geometry

It’s new material, so why don’t you tell us if it’s any good?


Gully, I found the article very informative. I had been using some of this for a long time but missed some of the subtleties that you explained.
It would probably be great to see in a video. I think some points would be easier to make that way.
Anyway, thanks for the article. very good.

No such plugin in Extension warehouse!!

No such plugin in Extension warehouse!! Try again

So what? Not all plugins/extensions are hosted in the Extension Warehouse. There are many other sources for them.