Quickest Way to Sketch a Layout

Someone I know suggested using Sketchup to draw up a layout for my backyard patio. By doing this the idea was to have everything drawn out to scale and saved digitally to incorporate overlays for drainage, low voltage lighting and tile layout.

I am trying to use Sketchup Free web version. It’s not very intuitive and the help topics seem like they’re for the pro version. So far, I figured out how to draw a rectangle and edit the dimensions and to use the orbit tool to rotate the rectangle so it’s in plan view. But that’s about it. How can I adjust the view scale so everything shows up on the screen? How can I select multiple objects and aggregate them into an object or assembly?

You may want to take a look at these videos to learn the basics:

Intersecting Faces - Square One - YouTube

In SketchUp, you’ll need to make groups and components (vs. objects or assemblies), learn to use tags (or visibility toggling in the Outliner), etc.

You don’t need to stay in “plan view”, but Camera → Standard Views → Top is the equivalent.

If you run into problems upload your .skp file so people can see what you are doing and offer suggestions.

Good luck!

You should check this free course before doing anything.

Thanks for the reply. In the Free version, where is the Camera menu? I cannot find it.

I checked out the course. Most of the chapters in the course are “Coming Soon”. It hasn’t been put together yet.

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that button on your right. contains the scenes you’ll make, and also the standard views.

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most of the menus in SU pro are redundant, you find the same stuff in side panels or toolbars. so in the web version they were scrapped and incorporated :slight_smile:

I’m using the free version. I don’t think there is a camera menu.

I think the Free version is a disincentive to using Sketchup at all. It appears that the references in the help documentation are all for the paid version.

indeed. that’s why I posted my previous message telling you where in the free version you could find the standard views. In the scene panel on your right.