Quick Editing in Sketchup Make 2017 Issue

Yesterday I was able to export to PDF on my Sketchup make 2017 then import it to Illustrator and have the ability to release the mask and ungroup to quickly edit the line work. Today, using the same file, I can’t do it. I didnt change any settings, I don’t know how I did it in the first place. It made things run much quicker but now I’m unable to do it. Any ideas on why this happened?

Release what mask? Can you upload the PDF you exported and the SketchUp model file so we can see what you are doing?

Weekly Assignment No. 8 Dimensioning the Plan.ai (1.3 MB)

So all I did to get the linework was print to PDF and there was an option to ungroup and then release the mask so I was able to get each individual line. I have no idea how I did it

That’s not the PDF file nor is it the SketchUp model file I asked for.

Building construction measured out building.skp (4.8 MB) interior floor plan.pdf (50.8 KB)

Is anyone able to help? If not no worries

Could you give me second to look at your files? Sheesh!

Did you print to PDF or did you export to PDF?

When I look at your PDF file it shows the pages oriented in portrait mode and the model running off the page on either side.

EXPORTING to PDF gets the page properly oriented and set the scale.

Maybe try exporting to PDF instead of printing to PDF.

These are my options

Sorry. So what did you change? Settings to you use when you printed the PDF? What quality settings?

I print to PDF and place the separate pages in an Illustrator file. Somehow yesterday and all last week it was exporting to a vector PDF file so I could edit the linework. Now when I export to PDF its just an image without the ability to edit is as a vector. I need to get back to it exporting to a vector but I didn’t change anything from yesterday to today.

I just wanted to post one more reply. I found out how to change it to a PNG file from a print to PDF. Once you have your Illustrator file open and have your PDF file placed, it needs to be embedded and then you’ll have the ability to release the mask, ungroup, and edit each individual line.

EXPORTING to eps or pdf always creates a vector file (File>Export>2D Image…)
PRINTING to pdf creates by default a raster image unless you check the Use high accuracy HLR box

Somehow yesterday … v.s. now (things are different / trial is over?).
Does using SketchUp Make 2017 have anything to do with this? How long (how many days) have you been using SketchUp Make?

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I’m sorry, I realize I wasn’t clear. My Issue of getting the linework to show up in Illustrator has been fixed by embedding the image into the Illustrator file which allows me to work with the individual lines. I just wanted to make one last post letting people know in case someone else had another issue like mine.