Questions: Jumping water from spouts for a fountain, submersible LED screens one could walk on?

Hello I have found this but it doesn’t really add my questions.

So I am designing this fountain that is high over a pond in an sliding angle with water supposed to jump from the circles that will become sort of roundish waterlily flower cups (to catch the landing water and let it flow down along a second tube) outside around the center jet tube.

I may say some dumb stuff here so sorry for that.
I created these vertical triangles that I think should hold the trajectory path of the water jumping
as water doen’s travel in a curve unless the source moves. This one does not there will be as many spouts as needs to link to the neighbouring flowers.

How do I create the sort of jumping water i thought of using like a pipe in follow me
and fill it water material. But then the actual water does not form ONE continuous volume from the departing spout to the arrival a it “jumps” as seen in many rather ground floor piazza fountains

This screen shot is only ONE set as it is repeated in a full circle of eight entities that will interconnect
it’s all like 25m above ground. To be visually enjoyed from a viewing platform and several ground levels and mixed with laser lights etc… (hey it’s a concept one can dream) but I am sure with the right technicians it’s very feasible.
Results I’d like to achieve is something like Las Vegas or Dubai style.
The 60 storey building matches my folly.

How do I calculate the angle of jet that needs to shoot the water into the right curve to land correctly?
This should be an approximation as specialist can do that later but visually I’d like to be as correct as possible in a rendering, if I ever manage to show it publicly.

Also I’d like to to create 2-5cm submersible path made out of LED screens for feet in water promenade
I have found big submersible LED lights but not like big TV size panels.
Anyone knows could they be submerged in frosted plexiglass housings with metal frames on stilts?