Water pouring from cup,how to make a component that looks like

Any suggestions on how to create water pouring from a cup? Thanks


Like the water pouring in the gif on this page?

Yes, that looks like what I want. I would like more volume and less transparency. Can you point me to some key words I could use to look at within that web site? Thanks for the reply.


You can make a reasonable stream of water, as from a spigot, by using Fredo Scale.
Draw a rectangle…maybe 2:1 and extrude it up a little
Then select the whole thing, choose Box Twisting, centre on the top face and rotate 90°.
Copy upwards, rotate the copy and join it to the original. You now have a repeatable section that can be arrayed upwards to suit. The result will look like a section of drill bit. There’s probably more than one way of getting to this stage, using other extensions.

Adjust the vertical scale so that the twist is a realistic frequency.

Now select the whole thing again and choose Radial Bending. Set the origin at the base of the column, set the reference angle vertically upwards through the column, then drag it down into a suitable arc. Soften and Smooth.

The flowing water I made in the above linked animation was done using the plugin Soap Skin & Bubble. Before making an overdue tutorial on setting up the animation effect, what is the purpose/need for creating water pouring from a cup? Knowing what you are looking for can affect the type of advice/instruction offered on the forum.

Holy ■■■■, that was all made in Sketchup?

It sure was