Make it look like water is falling from shower head


Does anybody know how to make it look like water is coming out of a shower head that i’m putting in one of my designs.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Create a plane that ‘outlines’ water droplets. Find (or create) a transparent png and apply it as a material to the plane. Make that plane a ‘face me’ component.
Something like this but only water will be visible (rest transparent)


It could use an animated GIF image as a texture to give movement.
(I’ve seen flickering candle flames, that I think are done this way.)


I have been wondering about applying gif as an image inside skup, anyone been able to do this with plugin?


no can’t do it with a gif…

but you can run an image sequence…

EDIT: Boris Papasmadov made this experimental plugin for SU v6 and I tweaked it for v17 on my mac…



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