.gif Watermark Icons

I’ve been using watermarks to create the illusion of weather, and I was curious if there was the possibility that you could add .gif animated watermark images.

No, that file format is not supported by the 3d viewer.

You can however create a video (or still image) and add the animation as post-processing effect.

I will need some clarification on how to accomplish this, also I need a definition on this “post processing effect”. What would I need in order to do this?

Photoshop or After Effects using layer effects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jYqFBehSmE


(insert render engine here) using volumetric effects: https://youtu.be/57amrHk5MEA

The latter is quite computer intensive requiring a lot of hardware power while the former can be done a lot easier. In Photoshop of After Effects you can animate layers behind and in front of the train for example.

In this example I have created four layers of volumetric effects in After Effects. Two layers behind the subject (dense smoke + fine particles) and two layers in front of the subject (light smoke + larger particles). The layers in front move faster than the layers behind giving the impression of depth. The red marks are a watermark as I don’t have the commercial version of the Plugin I used (Trapcode Mir)

I rendered the animation in HD in maybe 2 hours where as the same type of animation in Thea would have taken a day or two (or more who knows I don’t want my PC to catch fire…!).

Edit 1: ‘Post-processing’ is just a term to describe altering or adding additional finishing touches in another piece of software. For example, most commercial renders are often touched up in Photoshop afterwards to add highlighting and colour balance.

Edit 2: 10 second animation as 24fps is 240 rendered images at 1920*1080px in this example.

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So this seems a little bit complex as to create moving rain, and these instructions seem to require a ton of ‘exoSketchUp’ applications and programs that I have not obtained. Is there a simpler way to do this?

Most image editors have at least basic functionality, you could create the rain as a looping gif in Photoshop and layer it over the top.

I only know Photoshop and the other Adobe products as I have been indoctrinated from birth unfortunately. There is a free alternative to Photoshop called GIMP and they do support animation in some sense but I don’t know if you can achieve what you need in it: https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Advanced_Animations/

You can download After Effects or Photoshop (or both) as a free trial but it takes some sitting down and practicing if you have not used them before. However everything is mostly documented well on youtube to follow along with. This would be a relatively simple tutorial to create an animated rain layer in Photoshop: https://youtu.be/lDGdkqQGSBI

However it’s usually at this point somebody else steps in and shows us a plugin that does it all…:timer_clock:

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