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I attach a drawing which includes a DC window that I must have imported at some stage. It has several features which puzzle me and I would like to learn from. For example:

  1. It glues to surfaces and cuts an opening yet when you interrogate the component in the Components window it shows no gluing or cutting behaviour. So where has this been set?

  2. The sash appears to be a nested component, which means (I think) that there are three levels of nesting. It all seems to work fine yet whenever I have tried to nest like this, peculiar and unpredictable things happen. Looking at DCs in the Warehouse suggests that people do tend to stick to two levels but I can see that it would be very useful to have more. Has some cunning trick been played here?

  3. Although the component shows up in a folder in the Components window, it doesn’t appear in the corresponding folder when I look in Finder. My guess is that this is because it is not a local file but one being sucked from the web. Does that sound right?

Test window.skp (425.4 KB)


When creating the component.

There are only two levels. The main Quickie Window component contains all the nested components. I didn’t see any 3rd level nesting. The problem with nesting to the 3rd level is that values can’t be directly passed from the main component to lowest level. instead they need to be passed down through each child component.

That’s probably due to the fact that it’s in the model. You can set up your own local collections by clicking the arrow. Clicking the ‘house’ icon show all the components (definitions) in the model.


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