Questions About my Use of Tags, Tag Folders and Component Names

I have been reading and practicing using tags, tag folders, and making changes and new components using tag visibility to show or hide parts. For instance, in the attached SKP file, I used visibility in tags to work on insides (tag folder), and make runners and dovetail keys. (I have not decided on how to attach the runners (grooves or screws.) The panel holders that house the tool holding panels will not be in a groove or fastened so they can slide in and out. My questions are how to fix component names and did I use tags and tag folders right? I used components with similar dimensions to make other components and to make new components. The new components ended up double named, for instance “1” by 2" #2" and “runner”. I just want one called runner. Purging doesn’t work. Renaming in Entity Information doesn’t work. My use of tag folders helped me control visibility, but is there any recommendations out there?
Chisel Case.skp (622.5 KB)

From what I see with a quick look you did OK with assigning tags to components.

The #2 appended to the component name indicates you used Make Unique to separate the short runners from the long ones and probably made the 1" by 2" component first. You can’t have different components with the same name but you could call them “short runner” and “long runner”.

You made new components unique , for example to alter the location of holes in the 1 x2. Two distinct component definitions can not have the same name (it is the lookup key), so sketchup appended #1, etc to keep the names unique.

Thanks, DaveR for the quick reply. I will try that. Then, I will need to get rid of the double named components. When I purged or changed description in entity information, it didn’t get rid of the double names. That also may be because of all my scenes that have the same components.

That’s true and maybe I’m stuck with a lot of confusing names and components. Part of why it happened that way is all the changes I made while I was building the model. But I seem to always want to make changes later and especially when I am actually making the piece.