Question About Topic In "Google Sketchup Cookbook"


Section 9.3 of the subject text describes how to “Add Faces To Patch An Image”.

Need more detail in step wise procedure.


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And you think everyone has a copy at home and will search in it to help you? You should ask your question here with all information given to understand your problem…

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I think that section is about drawing new lines within a face to create a new face. Then you can move the texture within that face as to hide what was there before.
Their example was drawing a box around a window, moving the texture to the brick part, and then hiding the new edges so it’ll look like a fully brick wall without windows.
But I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking exactly.


Thanks for responding.

Yes, the instructions were to draw a rectangle around the window in the photo.
This was instruction #2.

Instruction #3 is to "Position the material in the rectangle, using either Fixed or Free Pins.

In either mode, click & drag the material itself (don’t drag a pin) slightly to the left or right, so that the face

(of the rectangle) contains only plain bricks (from the adjacent wall), keeping mortar lines aligned"

Question: How do I access the “material”? Where do I capture it?
Or, how do I create the new face?

  Thanks for any step wise detail you might be able to provide.

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If the texture is already in the model, you can select it, right click and select Texture: there’ll be a few options for you to play with.
If you need to add a texture: File->Import and you can import any image you have

Just draw new edges around anything, as long as it’s a closed loop on the same plane, it’ll create a new face or separate any current face into a new one for you to modify.


Thanks Cotty.
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