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I am designing a bench and I am having a little trouble moddeling a roundover around the piece. My question: Is there a easy way to do a roundover on a complete model (that’s made-up from several components) without having to select all the seperate lines? I usually use the follow-me tool but that doesn’t seem to work in this case (see images).I am using the free Sketchup Web version.

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That sort of thing can be easily done with a couple of different extensions in the desktop version but in SketchUp Free you’ll have to open the components one at a time to edit them. Presumable the legs are instances of one component, as are the slats and spacer blocks so you would only need to handle one of each.

Ah okay. I messed up the copy and paste bit (I am new to sketchup) so I’m afraid I have to do all the individual pieces one by one. Anyway, thanks for the quick answer, apreciate it!

Might be faster just to rebuild the model correctly and use Move/Copy to make the additional copies of the first slat and spacer block. Go through the tutorials at

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It’s none of my business, but isn’t that rather a structurally inefficient way to build that bench? See for instance this Artek product:

Or with slats going lengthwise:


You are right, but I am working with materials I got on hands. Sadly the pieces are too short to span the whole length of the piece, so I decided to do it this way.

Thanks for the comment though

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