Quad face tool error report

I started to use Quadface tools, and installed by extension wharehouse.
Although it work well, error report window showed when i use all icon about quadface tool.
TTlib2 also installed. How can i resolve it?
My version is sketchup 2020 classic.

Do send in the error reports so @thomthom could get a clue about what is the matter.

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Yeah, I didn’t know what happen, but maybe something was wrong. I sent it.

I met the same situation (but not for all icons).
Have you got the solution yet?
Could you please share the solution if you have anything can solve this problem.

I found solution!

This was a regression in TT_Lib 2.13.0. Update to 2.13.1 and you shouldn’t need any modifications.


Thank you for update!
I reinstalled that, and no more error window is.

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