Can't Download TT_Lib2

@thomthom already installed quadface tool plugin however as i download TT_Lib2 image below showed up

That’s strange, is that showing up in the browser?

And is that appearing after downloading from Extension Warehouse? Or from the dialog that tells you TT_Lib is missing?

yes, tried other browsers also

is it ok if you send the file?

Which file? That error page?

Can we step back a little and make sure we are talking about the same thing here.

When do you get the message seen in the screenshot? Are you using EW from a browser and click the Download button?

If so, are you getting that right away, or do you get an RBZ downloaded?

Have you tried using the Extension Store from within SketchUp to install TT_Lib?

Also, what SketchUp version and what OS?