Error with TTlib

Hi. I have installed tt lib and im having trouble with it.
because it says that is not installed in a window.
but i installed it already. if anyone can help me please reply an answer.

I’m just wondering if you realise that TTlib is only a library/dependency for many of ThomThoms extensions. In the way that it doesnt actually do anything by itself like an extension would?

Is this the error that you posted in the Extension Reviews? If so, you should tag @thomthom so that he can review and respond accordingly.

What is your SketchUp version? And what version of Windows/OSX are you using?

Hi @thomthom, I think I’m having the same problem as above. I installed CleanUp3 and then received the pop-up “TT_Lib2 Not Installed”, so I clicked the Download button in that popup and successfully installed it. But every time I opened Sketchup I received the same “TT_Lib2 Not Installed” popup and the “Load error” dialog box in the attached image file

I uninstalled TT_Lib2 and installed directly from Extension Warehouse, but received the same popups.

I uninstalled again and downloaded from Sketchucation and installed through Extension Manager, but received the same popups.

Cleanup3 seems to work fine despite the popups. But I can’t get rid of the errors. What do you think?

Mac OS Big Sur Ver 11.7.1
Sketchup Version 2022

(By the way, your extensions are amazing! Thank you so much.)

The error messages say you have an “incompatible library version” when trying to load the osx64 bundle for TT_Lib v 2.13.1

I see you have Mac OS Big Sur Ver 11.7.1 and you are running SketchUp 2022 …


That is strange… did the last build break for older macOS versions…? :thinking:

Btw, are you on intel or arm machine?

For testing purposes, can you install 2.12.3 from the archive? thomthom / tt-library-2 / Downloads — Bitbucket

Does that work, or does that also fail?

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Thank you both so much for your prompt replies @DanRathbun & @thomthom !

My processor shows as “4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7”. Is that what you meant by ‘Intel or ARM machine’ @thomthom (Excuse my ignorance! :smile:)?

Having uninstalled Ver 2.13.1, installed 2.12.3 and restarted Sketchup I only receive the “TT_Lib2 Not Installed” error dialog box (Screenshot attached for what it’s worth). The ruby code error window doesn’t appear.

I’m scheduled to receive a new machine that can run the latest OS soon, so this won’t be a long-standing error for me, but if you’d like me to test anything else to help you track down the issue for the benefit of others, please feel free to give me instructions. Thanks

^^^Update… sorry, I was wrong, the Ruby code error dialog box did appear after installing Ver 2.12.3 instead. (It was on my other screen, hidden behind other windows.) So no change from installing the older version.