TT_LIB2 Installation Problem

Having trouble installing TT_LIB2 (and having it show up in Sketchup Pro)

What are you expecting to see with TT_Lib2? How did you install it?

TT_Lib2 is a collection of support files for a number of ThomThom’s extensions. By itself it doesn’t do anything. If you installed it after installing extensions that rely on it, quit SketchUp and restart.

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A pop-up window appeared when I selected both Clean Up and Quad Face Tools to download from the Extension Manager. It said, “TT_LIB2 NOT INSTALLED.” I clicked Download and and saved it - and it’s a Sketchup file…? I have restarted and while I see both extensions in my manager, they are not appearing under the pull-down menu so there’s no way to initiate them.

Sounds like I need to try restarting again…

It sounds like you didn’t install TT_Lib2 correctly. Go to Extensions>Extension Warehouse. Search for TT_Lib2 and then choose Install.

Where are you looking for them?

When I click download on the TT_Lib2 window, it gives me the option to save or open. When I save - it’s just a Sketchup file, when I open, it opens up the starter Sketchup page…?

Do what I told you: Go to the Extensions menu in SketchUp. Click on Extension Warehouse. Search for TT_Lib2. Click on Install.

I see both Clean Up and Quadface Tools in Extension Manager as installed, but not when I go to Extension pull-down where I normally select Enscape and any other installed extension.

OK let me try this again.

Quad Face Tools shows up in the Tools menu, NOT Extensions.

What TT_LIb2 window? Do you mean the TT_Lib2 page in the Extension Warehouse? Clicking that should download a .rbz file, not a skp file. Try downloading it again, perhaps there was a glitch in the EW?

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OK - that was the problem. I had to download it from the warehouse. The “download” button on the pop-up window does not work.

Probably it downloaded to the downloads folder in your machine. You must install it from the extensions manager on sketchup. Anyways it’s faster to do it from the extension warehouse as you’ve done it already.