Putting a cover on this folding chair -

Short version:
folding chair.skp (224.1 KB)

I would like to put a basic cover on this folding chair. Somewhat fitted, could possibly pass for a bar chair. I don’t NEED this in my model, but I wonder how I would do it.

Long story:

I’m doing a play about a high school and will have about 20 of these folding chairs on set. I also need a bar scene in the beginning with about ten bar chairs… if I can cover these easily with a fitted drape of some kind and they can pass for bar chairs, then I won’t need thirty chairs backstage in the wings.

Oh… and I only have my iPad, so points for native tools, though I realize it’s much easier with plugins.

Instead of using a chair and trying to drape it, it’s probably best to just rough out a solid shape that approximates the shape of this draped, with none of the detail that would be covered up. Unless you’re going for ultimate realism, but I don’t think that’s what the goal is. In this case you could start with a block over the chair model and just cut away to get the general idea. Rounded corners help too.

Definitely not.

In fact, I will be using just the folding chairs in the model. My iPad doesn’t need any more geometry to haul around.

I just wanted to know HOW I might do it… Pure edification.


So simple!!! :heart:

yeah, probably like that too.

if you want the cover to look a bit fit, you could also start from the side with a few curves.
but really, from there, same path.


Love it.

I really need to practice more with just subdivisions of my geometry and moving the lines.

This is exactly what I meant by “roughing out a solid shape that approximates it draped”

Nicely done.


Getting the shape close then make it a mesh and you can use sandbox tools / smoove to scuplt. But Blender would probably be easier.

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