Push'pull tool error a red circle with a line across it beside the tool icon when using

star.skp (1.1 MB)
hi all, this is my first time using sketchup, im not sure why i cant use my pull/push tool for the star , please help. thanks!

As a first step, I would not use the 3D printing template. All it does is bring in a 3D model of a particular printer’s working volume and some text labels - which serve mainly to get in the way. You can unlock and then delete the 3D Printer Build Volume component to get rid of the extra cruft the template brought into your model. The attached animation starts after this cleanup has been done.

Once the spurious stuff is out of the way, the only impediment is that because of interaction with the 3D printer volume component, the outer area of the star has not yet been recognized as a face by SketchUp. To fix this, redraw any edge of the star using the line tool. Then you will be able to pushpull.

hi sorry may i know where to delete the 3d printer build volume component as what you’ve describe?

Click on the background near your star (it is actually the “deck” of the printer build volume). That will select the component brought in by the 3D print template (look at the Entity Info inspector to verify this). Then you will need to right-click and choose “unlock” to let you do anything to the component. Finally, press delete to get rid of ir.