Pushing without residuals


I’m having trouble pushing from two different directions when they cross each other. The attached skp file is a knob for the Z shaft on my 3D printer. The slot in the top is for a nut and the hole in the front is for the screw. How can I make the screw hole go all the way through to the shaft and have the slot push down 13mm and keep it free of residual “tunnels” or blocked holes?

Z-Knob.skp (26.9 KB)


If you mean like this, you need to intersect the face of the tube with the model to remove it.


That is exactly what I want to do. Once the tube is there, I cannot see what you are selecting. Here is what I tried.

  1. Right click on a section of the tube
  2. Choose Select Connected Faces
  3. Right Click a section of the tube again
  4. Choose intersect faces With Model
  5. Right Click a section of the tube again
  6. Choose Select Connected Faces
    press delete

That deletes the top 3 sections of the tube, but then I try to do the same with the remaining 3 sections and it punches a few holes in the model.


Turn off hidden geometry,
right click tube, choose intersect with model.
left click tube and hit delete
left click two faces in holes and hit delete, turn on hidden geometry
swing around to face in center hole, click face and hit delete.


That did it… Turning off the hidden geometry resolved the problem. Thank you very much for the help Box.