Push / pull

I use push pull can i make the results solid (completely filled)

SketchUp is a polygonal surface modeler. A “solid” in SketchUp is a surface that completely encloses a volume, with no leaks or extraneous geometry, but there is nothing inside.

I know there is nothing inside. I’m asking if I can fill the entire volume?

How about showing us what you are working with. If you use Push/Pull on a single face and there are no other faces attached, the resulting group or component should be “solid.”

Again, there is nothing with which to fill a volume.

It’s filled if you want it to be. Just use your imagination :slight_smile:

especially if you sectional cut it with fill on.

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Is there a face missing on one side? Hit [Ctrl] once while pulling up, to leave a copy face behind. Otherwise the shape might be open (hollow).
Also you need to group the endresult (to a group or component) to make it a SketchUp Solid.

Thank you that is a good idea as there is apparently noway to fill it then by copying a face often as i pull up would make the printer recognize it as a solid. thank you

I don’t think you are understanding the software or explaining your issue correctly.
A hollow cube when grouped is recognised by a printer as a solid.